Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photos of Joe at the Pac 10

Joe watching the action with Ron Kennedy
Joe with the USC Coach, Ron Allice
More action reported by Ron. We love our sun umbrella

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  1. Joe, i looked all over the TV show of the PAC 10 meet this past weekend for the Masters Shot Put to see if you'd be throwing but Nooo Joe. I'm almost as pleased as you have to be that you're getting out & about these days. The Hook & Ladder epsiode you can surely do w/out so lets try being a bit more careful, OK?

    Had lunch w Bruce Lindeman, Bob Berardelli Carol Sue Remley today from my WC class. It was fun. Carol was amrried to Barry Remley who played soccer but died late last year from a rare kidney disease. Barry was best friends w Bonsall & Hauff. Names ring a bell?

    Love to Sandy & have a great holiday weekend.


    Gene "Rkt" Levin