Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An exciting week

The past week and a half have been very exciting. I had my first cuppa coffee since April 2009. My physical therapy has been going well. I am making slow but gradual progress. Last weekend I attended the Pac-10 track and field championships with one of my ex-athletes. On Saturday we had a very unusual experience. My wheelchair got locked in the wrong position in the car. We had to call the Berkeley fire Department to help us. They sent a hook and ladder to our rescue. Four firemen lifted me out of my chair and then put my wheelchair in the proper position. This episode lasted for about an hour and a half. Thanks for reading.


  1. Fire Department to the rescue! That was a mess you can laugh about now. Your life is one adventure after another, Joe!

  2. Hi Joe & Sandy,
    Good grief! A hook and ladder??? Well, I guess if they do that to get a cat out of a tree it seems reasonable. I'm glad they were able to get you going again. Darn technology and gadgets!

    The track meet looks like it was fun. Nothing like seeing it in person. Muzzy and I have been watching some various track events on Universal Sports on TV but the real deal like you saw is way better.

    We just got back from 3 days in Colorado. An old cycling friend Tom Petrie got married. We stayed in Ft. Collins. We made a quick trip to visit Boulder and go to the University Bike Shop on the Boulder Mall. The last time Muzzy and I were there was to ride the Coors Classic in the early 80's! It looks pretty different now but nice none the less.