Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1: Good test results

We spent the day at Kaiser Redwood City to test Joe for a baclofen pump and it seems to be a success which means they will implant a "hockey" size pump under his skin and deliver the baclofen anti-spam medicine directly to his spinal cord. Now, we just have to bribe the neurosurgeon to move Joe up in his schedule so we can get the surgery done ASAP but it might not be until next year. After the trial today, Joe was much more relaxed, less spastic and had better control over his muscles. We are very pleased with the results.


  1. I meant to say anti spastic medicine since we don't eat spam any more. HA! Sandy

  2. thanks for keeping us up on joe's progress, it is great to know what is going on. so, how big is a hockey-sized-under-the-skin pump? sounds pretty substantial!

  3. Joe and Sandy,
    Well you have been busy and it looks like it will continue for a while. Glad to hear that the anti-SPAM medicine had immediate results.

    Joe, be sure to check your email. Just sent you a message re: Hofstra football.


  4. Hi All,

    Good to read baclofen provided such obvious improvement in reducing spasticity. I don't personally know anyone on it but told you how impressed I was after watching the promo video. Good luck w it whenever it gets put in with sooner being better than later.

    I had dinner w Yank, Jo Jo, Steve Danowitz & another friend & they all send their rgrds. You'll simply have to make it your biz to attend one of these infamous dinners yourself in the near future to witness for yourself what goes on.

    Have a great weekend & keep the faith since things seem to be moving forward a little better than they have in the past.


    Gene "Rkt" Levin