Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 29: Looking at a busy week

For those of you still keeping track of this blog, it will be a busy week for Joe. Between PT and acupuncture, we hope to complete his test for an intertecal pump to deliver the baclofen directly to his spinal cord. We are also going to check out another PT facility that works specifically with spinal cord injuries. They can provide additional therapy which Vallejo Kaiser cannot. Next week on the 11th we deal with the kidney stones. We are making progress and hopefully qualify for the pump later this month. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    Muzzy and Robert said you were both looking good and they enjoyed their visit. I was again at work but I guess I should not be complaining about that! We are happy that Robert and Suzanne will be back in the Bay Area again. Folks, start lining up those remodel projects because Robert is back in town! Of course, as with all conversations between the guys...nothing was mentioned about your Thanksgiving! I hope you had a good one and didn't eat too much pumkin pie!

  2. Still reading! You bet. Always looking for news. Interesting that there is an additional PT facility. Is it close by or as far as Vallejo? How is the new van? Hope you saw the littlest family member for Thanksgiving. We had our two here and that was fun. Love, Nan