Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday, November 21: Hurry up and wait

Our test for the pump got delayed several weeks as the doctor was ill. We will try again on Dec 1. It feels like a major step we need to get completed. Joe will also have surgery for kidney stones on Dec 11, so this month is going to be a busy one. He continues to make good progress on his core strength with PT and looks forward to these twice weekly appointments. We are also trying to develop a voice activated control for the TV and fine tune our instruments. We need to thank our friend Bob Broderson for the many hours he has spent on this project. We are close to completion, we hope. I will put up a post after the test on Dec. 1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Joe and Sandy


  1. Well, we made it safely back home after a wonderful week in Sarasota. Only problem we encountered was that US Airlines broke my scooter so it's now inoperable. Hope to get a loaner in a few days or I may wanna borrow yours.

    I realized i was having constipation prblms so I researched the meds i've been on & the "bulb lit up" the entire room. As a result, I'm weaning off both spasticity meds this week & hope I can still move fairly well w/out too much difficulty next week. Stay tuned for the results. I hope you respond to the pump as the patient in the video I saw yrs ago did. The before & after video was amazing to say the least. All the best w it. The kidney stones is another story so perhaps you may wanna consider laying off these medical glitches for a while & take a rest. Sumptin to consider, huh?

    Hope you are all doing well so have a wonderful holiday & I'll send your rgrds to all at our Jock & Dine dinner on 12 - 1.

    Love & xxxxxxxx,

    Gene "Rkt" Levin

  2. Sandy, you don't yet know me, but I am like Joe's cycling fans in that you are our Alan Greenspan. We read everything you write, and we hang on every word! Thank you for all that you do.

    You guys live near my grandmother's old house of decades ago. She had a propensity for kidney stones, so she lives on 'Nilla Wafers, Cranberry juice, and imitation butter brickle ice cream.

    Please give Joe my warmest regards and tell him that I hope that I can visit him before too long.

    Thanks -- Mark