Friday, December 4, 2009

Joe worked his charm

We have a date of Dec. 18 for the intrathecal pump to be implanted. Joe worked his charm on the surgeon, doctor, etc. and got this early date. He will be in the Redwood City hospital a few days and may then return to Vallejo for more intense PT. We will see how things proceed. We also have a date of Dec. 16 to deal with the kidney stones. It will be a busy week but well worth the rewards. Joe is very encouraged. Keep you posted. Sandy & Joe


  1. Just read your last two postings and you certainly have a lot planned for the next few weeks. Good luck and I hope all goes as smoothly as possible. Take care. Carole

  2. Joe & Sandy, Good news that you are able to move quickly with both of these procedures. Will give you a call. Thinking about you every day. Love, Linda & Phil