Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday, July 6: Getting Ready

Well, D Day is Thursday and we are busy training our care workers. No one is more nervous than me but I just have to trust that things will be OK. Joe is really anxious to be home and that will make it all worth while. We are waiting for delivery of a bed that will turn Joe every few minutes. It can't come soon enough.

Joe had a lot of his biking buddies visit this weekend and so he was able to catch up on all the racing and crashing.

I will write more after we have settled into home and gotten a routine. Wish us luck. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Good luck! Our hearts are with you both as you embark on the next stage. It will have challenges and it will have blessings.

  2. Sandy-

    Racing and crashing...? I'm surprised. You know that there is far more to this blood sport we call bicycle racing than just racing and crashing.

    You know, like, beer drinking. And gadgets. Yeah. If it weren't for gadgets, at least half of the people we know in the 'bike racing' crowd would be no shows. [If you need proof, just mention spoke diameter next time there are two prople in a room].

    But crashes do bring out the best in the lycra/spandex crowd. Why, I remember the time...

    B. Wally

  3. We hope the transition goes smoothly!! I'm sure he will be happy to be home. Fingers crossed!! Elyse and the Gang

  4. So happy you get to go home soon and your glutts are starting to flex! Marsha and Howard

  5. Great that stuff is shaking. Will be great to see you in the neighborhood.
    Mark and Art