Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday July 3:Happy Fourth: A Few Small Miracles

I can't believe how many holidays we have spent at the hospital over the last three month. Hopefully, this is the last.
I wanted to report several small changes Joe is noticing over the last few weeks. When laying on his back with knees bent and asked to lift his butt, you can see his stomach muscles tightened. Of course, it helps that a beautiful blonde therapist has her hands on his butt!! and she can feel the gluts tighten. Also, when the doc. had his knee slightly bent and asked Joe to straighten his leg, his foot actually came up off the bed showing he has good quad action thanks to all those hill repeats. He now has sensations in his forearms and is able to wiggle his thumbs. These are small improvements but cause for celebration. He plans to have some out of town guests in late July, including his niece from Seattle and the Avillo's from PA. I know there are a couple of others but my foggy brain is on the fritz. Have a great Fourth!! Love Sandy & Joe


  1. wow, that's good news! Joe's clawing his way back. I hope we hear more like this.

    we'll miss you at masters nats, Joe!

  2. Very good news indeed! I am very impressed with your courage and your patience. Way to go, Joe! Way to go, Sandy! I am one of those who is coming in late July and I can't wait!

    Rode to Conshohocken yesterday - outbound through Lower Merian and Bryn Mawr and inbound via the Valley Forge Bike Path. There was NO RAIN for a change. Hooray!! Today a short tandem ride and then fireworks with family and tomorrow a short tandem ride and little Alex' three and a half birthday party.

    Love to you both and a hug for Shasta.

  3. This place is turning out to be quite the bodice ripper. You should have a warning on the mast head; 18 or older only...and then maybe you could get a pay pal account.

    Joe- I spun an extra mile for you today. No biggie. I had a wanker on my wheel for eight miles. You'd think he could pulled through once. He was all decked out on a brand new Cervelo TT bike. I'm tellin' ya. What's the world comin' to??

    Hey-We should get a contest going. You do one sit up, and I'll do ten. [Lord knows I could use the workout]. We could call it Re Hab Abs, or something. Sheesh.

    Happy Forth. See you soon.

    B. Wally

  4. Great to hear about the progress!! We watch the blog every day for updates. We'll look forward to hearing about the homecoming, too!

    Big hugs from the city of big shoulders!!

    Elyse and the gang

  5. Hi there Yussel. I am very proud of your little but still monumental improvements Sandy informs us all about as you progress. It has to be exciting to look frwrd to going home on the 9th. i hope this comes to pass butif it is delayed at all, it'll be shortly thereafter I'd think. Keep up the good work, Joe & love to Sandy.

    Rkt Levin

  6. hi joe and sandy

    jeff Pallin here, things are good down here, looks like things are great up there, way to go soldier!

    Let me know when you need something.

    Healing energy your way, dude

  7. This is terrific news.

    I'm so glad to read about your progress and glad you get to go home!

    Still sending positive energy your way.

    Neeta (Jeff Fillerup's wife)