Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2: Making Progress

We are making good progress on our homecoming. Joe is very happy to leave the hospital days behind and hang with his golden (Shasta) and the rest of us. The neighbors are anxious to visit as well and that is the best medicine he can have. We have hired two good care givers who will be assisting us, at first for 24 hours and then, as we get comfortable, maybe 12-15 hrs/day. We are a work in progress. We still anticipate the 9th to be our discharge date. This weekend will be time to rest and get ready for the move. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Hello Joe and Sandy,
    Terrific news to learn that you are heading home in about a week. We are hoping to be in your neighborhood from July 22-23. Will let you know details when they are confirmed. Anxious to see you.
    Linda and Phil

  2. Yeah home sweet home and Shasta will be great medicine too.

  3. So happy to hear that you are making progress assembling your team and home is on the horizon. We are in Durango with baby Flannery Rose who is still the noisiest baby on the block but also the cutest. She was a month old yesterday.

    Glenna & Jim

  4. Yahoo! Time for some real pup therapy and the comfort of your beautiful home and friends close by. Joe you must be counting the minutes and I bet Shasta is really excited too.


  5. Sandy, that is such great news!! I hope to be in CA later this year and you guys will be the first I stop in to see. Keep moving forward and many blessings to Joe.