Friday, July 10, 2009


Just a quick word to say we did come home yesterday, Thursday and Joe was very happy. It has been quite an experience for me, to say the least, but I now have to wonderful Fujian men who have saved me along with two very special friends who were willing to come and help at 4:30 a.m. I just hope this makes a good story down the road. Will write more later with some final pictures of Joe's therapists at Vallejo. Sandy


  1. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    Congratulations on making it home! Home sweet home! It's been quite some time. Shasta must be elated and you both must be happy and a bit overwhelmed.

    Allez Joe! Allez Sandy! You have come so far!

    Tonight Dick and libby, Dave and Marie, Mike and Jamie, Nina and Tamra, Muzzy and I got together to play Cyclopoly. It's cycling Monopoly basically. It was fun and we all were thinking of you and hopefully sent some major belly laughs your way. Frankly I'm surprised no one had a hernia.

    Hooray for you and welcome home!

  2. Way to GO! Glad you are both home.
    Congratulations to Joe, stay strong and praying all goes well now that you are home!!

  3. Welcome Home! We're in Calistoga for a few days, but will come visit when you get settled and have a routine.

  4. So happy for you both. There will be lots of trial and error but I'm confident you will figure it out.

    Jim is at the Colo. Spgs. velodrome today for the annual time trial event (200, 500, kilo, 2,3,&4K, team TT, team sprint) that Hammer Racing Team sponsors each yr. He's working the event, not racing, although several have been trying to recruit him for the team events and he DID take his bike and gear. We'll see what happens.

    Be patient as you make the big adjustment from hospital to home.

    Love to you both,

  5. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    Welcome home! Great news.
    We are looking forward to seeing you the week of July 20. Details to follow in email.
    Stay strong & see you soon.
    Phil and Linda

  6. Welcome home, Joe! And warm, strong thoughts coming your way from here. Love, Nan and Scott