Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday, July 20

Here is a picture of Atu and Joe. Atu is one of our caregivers who has made our trip home possible. We will post a picture of Jay, Atu's cousin who is also helping out, next time.

Joe had a visit from niece Amy from Seattle and nephew Dan who lives in San Francisco. This coming week, Joe expects several visitors from the East coast so we will have more to post later in the week.
We are also busy remodeling our bath, so things are still in turmoil here. But, there is a faint light at the end of the tunnel. Give us another couple of months. Joe was able to lift his left foot up off the floor today. So, further signs of recovery. More later. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Joe, you seem to be adjusting fairly well now that you are in your familiar Oakland digs. Congratulations on lifting you L leg I think Sandy said you lifted. This is a great feat & one I deal w on a daily basis, so I can appreciate just how difficult this can be. Keep it up, dude, & you'll be sitting up without help before you know it & that wld be just great, wldn't it?

    Love to Sandy & keep the faith, bro.

    Rkt Gene Levin

  2. Joe and Sandy:

    Glad to hear about the continuing progress as we hike and cycle around the SW US. Keep up the good work.

    Steve & Linda

  3. Hey, way to go Joe! Lifting that leg is such great news!

    Glad you were able to transition home. Hope you are enjoying the most comfortable surroundings...your own home!

    All our best wishes to you and Sandy,

    Jeff and Soni Poulsen

  4. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    Muzzy and I just got back from visiting my cousins in Vancouver. We toodled around on some folding bikes and rented a little motor boat to see some of the inlets and lakes. We spotted a a rock full of seals and then saw a bald eagle with it's white head. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to salute or what! It was sitting on a log with it's youngster and wife nearby. It was really something. Next week we go to Dresden. We are making up for a little lost time. We hope to see you soon now that you are settled in.

    I like your haircut! It's hip! As always, you rock.

    mb Muzzy Olive and Scooter

  5. Hi Joe & Sandy,

    It is good to hear that things are falling into place at home. I'm sure more adjustments will need to be made before you have the routine down pat but it'll happen.

    Can't remember if I told you that Jim has decided not to race at track nats. Too bad, since they're in the Springs and would be an easy trip for a change.

    Megan's family will be here for a couple nights next week prior to flying to OR for a meeting. So we're having a little party for friends to come in to look at beautiful little Flannery. We hope she behaves--she's strong willed and has a set of lungs on her, so she could put on quite a show.

    Glad you have good help to toss Joe around.:) Sandy, take a breather every chance you get--Shasta will appreciate it, since most breaks will likely include her.

    Love to you both,
    Glenna & Jim Murdock

  6. Joe: Hi again. I hope you received my package of David Sedaris CD of short stories which I sent to the San Jose Hospital a few months back. If not, let me know as I can make another one and send it again. Mike and I have had a bit of a rough spring as well. You can check out our blog to read about our highs and lows.

    Egan, our son, is 3 now almost 3 months old. I'd love to bring him by to meet you sometime soon. Let's make a date for sometime in August. Could you or Sandy email me at when you have time and we'll make a date.

    Mike and I are thinking about you all the time and missing seeing your smile up on Pinehurst.