Saturday, July 25, 2009

Joe, Atu and Ji

Joe with his care takers, Atu and Ji. In spite of construction in the bath, disputes with Kaiser, and visits from nurses and therapists, we are maintaining because of Atu and Ji who are Joe's personal aides switching channels to view the Tour, bathing, feeding, and standing in for me when I have my moments of insanity. Hopefully, our new bath will be completed near the end of next week and Joe's cool new bath chair will be here so we can have a real shower.
Joe has had lots of visitors including Phil and Linda Avilo from PA and local neighbors who always show up with lots of goodies: brownies, pies, cookies, salads, fruit, etc. I can't thank everyone enough. You are all wonderful!! Near the end of next week, we will start out patient therapy at Kaiser and this will move Joe further down the road to recovery. Thank you again for all your prayers and support. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Hang in there Sandy with all the changes going on in your house. I hope things settle down for you soon. We just got back from Hungary where we had a great time. Sandy, maybe we could do an hour ride or something if you have time?

    Joe, did you know that we rented really funky bicycles that had headlights, kick stands, bells, back lights, a heavy chain, another lock, 3 speeds and weighed about a 100 pounds and biked all around Lake Balaton in Hungary and in Amsterdam on them? Nobody has ever heard of or uses carbon fiber there but people do everything on their bikes--shopping, talking on cell phones, transporting a kid in the front and the back, carrying a boyfriend hanging onto the rear rack while transporting a load of groceries etc. It is really amazing. I am looking forward to your advice on genealogy software. I got several "golden nuggets" including finding and seeing my father's school, and my great-grandparents apartment in Budapest and going back a lot of generations to a small town.

    Hope to come to visit you after things settle down.

  2. Sandy & Joe-

    Ah, the smell of saw dust in the morning. It's like, well, money. Or frustration. But the results...I mean, you think dealing with the health care industry is trying? Contractors. Sheesh.

    And we are on our way to visit you. The house is sold, the money is in the mail, and we have a stuffed storage space. Our car camping trip begins this Thursday.

    See you soon.

    B. Wally

  3. Joe & Sandy,
    Great seeing the both of you last week. Joe, we were especially excited to see the progress you have made and to be reminded of the strength of both your will and your mind. We left knowing that you will continue to work hard with your rehab and look forward to more reports of your progress.

    Sandy, your strength, understanding, and patience are a marvel to behold. That you have only "moments" of insanity testifies to that strength.

    All of the Avillos continue to hold you "close to our hearts" and in our thoughts.

    And, Joe, look forward to talking with you when you have a chance.

    Love, Linda and Phil