Monday, July 27, 2009

Looks Like a Busy Week

This may be the one update this week as we continue to refine our new lifestyle. We are hoping to finish the bath over the next week or so and receive our shower chair. Thursday, Joe will be measured for his power chair which takes two months to assemble. That will lead us to a van down the road, so we can hit the road. Friday, Joe begins the first of his out patient physical therapy and occupational therapy appointments. All of these are major steps along our road to recovery.
Here are a couple pictures from our visitors this weekend. Ed Rush on the left and Nan on the right. Both were visiting from the East coast.
Friends have been wonderful keeping our refrigerator stocked full of food. Thank you everyone. Love, Sandy & Joe


  1. It is heartwarming to see Joe in your home - it just has to speed the recovery process. Thanks for the picture and the update, it helps those of us further away feel more engaged. Wish I were there to give you both a hug,

  2. Joe: I love seeing all the photos to watch you get better and better each week. I am so glad you called today. I just looked at my post on the blog from the other day and i typed my email wrong. It's sbcglobal.NET and i wrote .com ok, i am really tired to have flubbed that up! Mike and I are looking forward to seeing you the weekend after this one. Hopefully I'll have another blog post up about Egan by then. Sandy is much better at keeping up the blog than I am with mine!

  3. Thanks for the updates - happy to hear that you are moving forward so well. Sandy, let me know if you want to come in for massage - you are always welcome.


  4. I don't look happy in the photo but I was! It was a great visit with Joe - talking about Philly, the Tour, and the Phillies. I loved having an hour with Sandy too - thanks for making time for this visitor from the east coast. Love, Nan

  5. Joe/Sandy
    Sure was encouraging to see the progress since my last visit in Valejo. Thanks so much for the great hospitality and YES that pizza was good stuff. I look forward to seeing Joe when he gets his own motorized chair. Keep the good news coming..
    God Bless,
    Ed T.

  6. Yussel & Sandy,

    I suggest that putting 1 pix a week on the blog shld be enuf since your plate is full enuf w matters that are really imprtnt. My hat is off to you both for all that you guys are dealing with daily. You shldn't feel remiss if the blog is not as current as it might be. Rememebr that "by the inch it's a cinch but by the yard it's hard."

    May the Force be with you both & Shasta too.

    Lots of love & xxxxxxxxx,

    Gene "Rkt" Levin

  7. Hello you two,

    I hope you are enjoying summer now that it is here for a few days.
    Just wanted to say hello and let you know I am thinking of you.