Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday, June 3: The Intensity Grows

We are getting settled in to our rehab routine and my attitude is improving. How I just have to figure out how to keep going at the "rehab clip".  Classes are scheduled from about 10 am to 4:30 so don't expect too many phone calls during the week. Sunday is an off day, so perhaps that will be our social time.  There is speech and occupational therapy in the morning, mat classes, pulley classes and PT in the afternoon and if that hasn't killed you off, they have self care classes from 3:30-4:30 on a variety of subjects. 

I have a much better feeling about the therapists here as we begin to meet and work with them.  Joe seems to have adjusted to having several people in his room and if you know Joe he has no problem telling people what he needs. Thank goodness for that. Joe's release date is July 1, so we have a lot to accomplish in this next month both mentally and physically.  We will then have PT and nurses coming to the house in ongoing therapy. It takes up to 18 months or longer for the nerves, etc to heal, so as time progresses therapy, etc will change. We are in this for the long haul. Sandy & Joe


  1. Wow! That is quite a training schedule Joe has lined up. If any one is up for the task I know it's Joe and no one could ask for better numero uno one woman support team than you Sandy. I've heard very good things about the facility you are in and I hope they are treating you both like the champs you are.

    I'm still looking forward to the day you they spring Joe and hopefully seeing if we can get one of the bikes at B.O.R.P set up for you so you can do some of your rehab outside. When I looked around there they seemed to have every configuration possible for every need. I'm sure they will have something for you when the time comes and you are ready.

    So glad you are getting closer to home!!

    Muzzy, Olive and Scooter too

  2. Now I'm concerned...Is Joe getting enough vitamin Peet's? That's quite a regimine to tackle w/o "a cup".

    But if I'm reading these posts correctly, I think the person who might need "a cup" the most is

    Cream and sugar?

    B. Wally

  3. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    This does sound like you are settling in to quite a routine. Yes, you are in for the long haul at this point, but, as we all know, the long haul is an area where both of you have great strength.

    Especially good to hear that you are comfortable with the rehab staff.

    We are still planning to be in Reno in mid to late July. Will let you know more specifically when so that we arrange to see you both.

    Both of you remain in our thoughts and "close to our hearts."

    Linda and Phil

  4. Our best to you and Joe on this new training program.
    Linda, Erika, Daisy & Levon

  5. Joe...go get em' ...with a great "coach" like Sandy will clearly make this happen. Another demonstration of a CHAMPION in action. Day by day Joe you will win.
    Love you buddy. Ed T.