Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday, June 4: Finding the Balance Point

The highlight for today was Joe sitting on the edge of a bench and finding the point where he could hold his balance. It was quite an experience for him to realize he could rock back and forth ever so slightly and then hold himself in place. His only problem was looking in the mirror and seeing his beautiful silver hair standing out from his head. If anyone has haircutting abilities, I beg you to come and visit with your shears. It will make his day. 

There were rumors of a shower/bath  this evening. I told the nurse to sing to him in the shower as it will be his first. On another good note, we have reconnected with Dory who has moved up from San Jose to the Lafayette/Vallejo area. It is so great to see him as he is such a positive person and Joe really likes him. What a coincidence that he has been in both of our hospital locations. A real plus. 

The only thing slowing us down right now is that Joe seems to need more O2 than when he was in San Jose. Whether it is from the pacemaker surgery or what, the sooner he can wean off the O2 is more they can push him forward. If anyone wants to visit, the best time seems to be Saturday afternoon and early evening and all day Sunday. He does have a phone again and I will list the number soon. He is so busy during the week that the only time he has is in the evening and a nurse has to be present to pick up the phone.  That is it for now. Love all your notes and comments. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Yo still got that Flowbee? A haircut and a story. A twofer. I would pay to see that. Post it on Youtube.

    B. Wally

    P.S. Joe...Remember, it'll grow out.

  2. Joe - I am wearing my "team joe" cap to send you lots of good Karma and hopefully a haircut.

  3. Hi Joe,
    Wow - love the good news! A shower and haircut - can't wait to hear all about it. Love, Shelagh and Bob

  4. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    I've got Muzzy busy with house stuff at the family homestead. Lots of moving and a few dump runs this weekend to get rid of some things. HOWEVER if you can hold out til next week I'm sending him down (me too hopefully) with his Flowbee or as it is now called, the Robocut! Yes, a more manly name and totally suited to the manly Joe. Yup, among Muzzy's little known skills is hair styling! Really, I think he could go pro with it. He has been trusted with the locks of such fashionistas as Narda and our East German friend Uwe. Funny, he hasn't had many repeat customers so I am working on a coupon deal to draw people back. Anyway, Joe, you have the good looks and hair type that is perfect for the Robocut. So, I'd like to offer up Bob. You can check out his own hair as a testiment to his artistry. Seriously, if they don't mind us dragging in our vacuum cleaner and the Robocut attachments you can have the cut of a lifetime.
    Well, at least I guarantee you will be entertained and you will not have to endure the old bike racing stories due to the vacuum cleaner sound. It's a win win!!!

    Ok, I'm giving Muzzy his orders.

    Cheers to you both,