Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday, June 2; Settling In

Joe seems to be settling in better than me.  He had a good night (that means it was quiet) and spent the day having x-rays, etc. They are very thorough which is good and we are slowly meeting the "team". Between the pacemaker surgery, the transport yesterday and getting settled, Joe is very tired but each day should be better. Once he is up to speed, they will have him busy from morning to late afternoon. The commute is still about 40 minutes but the traffic is not so difficult as driving to San Jose. Thank you all for your encouragement  and support. I couldn't do it without you and Joe agrees.  Sandy & Joe


  1. Joe, Rusty and his bike riding girlfriend(/think bikers stick together). read your blog everyday. Keep up the encouraging progress.

  2. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    We are glad that Joe is now closer to our neck of the woods. We are back and forth to my folks home getting it ready for the next tennants and doing a lot of work. We will be down there all next weekend. Keep gaining your strength and also resting up from all the moving and changes. You will need all your strength to endure Muzzy's stories believe me.

    We have an additional dog at our office now! One of my partners got a puppy so now it's 4 humans and 4 dogs! All is well but I think we need a better vacuum cleaner, phew!

    You are both in our thoughts every day. Stay positive and Joe, like you told me once, keep your chin up!

    Olive and Scooter give you both a big ol woof.

  3. Dear Joe and Sandy-

    Once Joe is able to start his therapy, I know that the progress will encourage him and motivate him to continue. It will be hard work but he will see results and his determination will serve him well.

    Sandy, you may have to fight to get the most time and therapy from Kaiser. The most intensive therapy is available there in Vallejo and the more Joe can get now, the better. I'm sure that you are exhausted too, so maybe you could engage assistance from someone with insurance or legal experience.

    They may even have someone on site, a case worker who can assist you.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with both of you everyday. After Joe has settled in, we will be back to visit on the weekend. If there is a day when Sandy has an appointment or just needs to rest herself, please give us a call so that we can schedule a visit at the best time.


    Paul and Lulu Yazolino