Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday, June 1, A Whole New Ballgame

Well, we finally made it to Vallejo and I think Joe is in better shape than me. Let's just say his level of care when from 10 to about 2 but let's hope I am wrong.  Sometimes first impressions are not correct. I will wait until tomorrow before I totally lose it.  I will write more after we have had a full day of introductions and evaluations and I have had an attitude adjustment.  Sandy


  1. I am hoping for the best, Sandy and Joe. May the new facility turn out better than you feared last night.

    Rode on some new trails this Sunday. The Schuylkill River Trail (which goes from Philly to Valley Forge National Park) has been extended further up the Schuylkill River. And a trail along the Perkiomen Creek has been added. Both of those trails I had ridden on before. Sunday I rode the Skippack Trail which follows part of the Skippack Creek and also crosses the Township of Skippack. Both creeks feed the Schuylkill River. I was with a group that got so spread out that those of us in the middle got dropped, but it was a nice ride nonetheless. The paths are not paved the entire distance so it was bumpity bumpity for part of the day!

    Miss you, Nan

  2. Hi Joe and Sandy,

    I hope things work out in Vallejo, I'll try and get by for a visit soon.
    I have many racing stories to share with Joe. Your friend Brian

  3. Hi Sandy and Joe,
    Hope you are feeling better and that the Vallejo facility works out. Sandy, I did my "homework assignment" for Vallejo and found some nice short bike rides in the vicinity. Once you get settled in Vallejo, we would love to come and visit you in person, Joe, and then borrow Sandy for an hour or so to take her for a bike ride over the bridge etc.

    Love, Lynn, Bob, Beany, and Shelagh

  4. Dear Joe and Sandy

    I have posted several messages since I returned. I am not sure I am doing it right as I don't see them on your site. Let me know
    Susan Mulligan

  5. Hello! Sorry that you are frustrated, but I'm sure you will get everyone on line soon. Miss you very much! Elyse and the gang