Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday, May 31, Back on Track

Joe was up and talkative when I arrived today, somewhat recovery from his time in the "regular" hospital. That is the one where they don't brush your teeth or give you a bath and your roommate is going through detox.  He is still pretty tired  and spent only about 2 hours in his chair. He had several visitors and that was his therapy for the day which was great. His pacemaker seems to be working perfectly.

We will see how he feels tomorrow and if he is up for a two hour ride in a bumpy  ambulance. I have my doubts but another day or two with his favorite nurses will not be bad. It will take some energy to break in another crew and get settled in his new location when he does go to Vallejo, so he needs to be at the top of his game. 

He has also received a smaller trach which will make it easier to swallow and eat and before too long it will be gone all together. We are getting closer to that beer every day.  Again, thank you for all  your cards and comments. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Great news on the smaller trach and pacemaker. Bob and I wish you a good night's sleep and a smooth move to vallejo! Love, Bob and Shelagh

  2. Hi Joe & Sandy,

    I'm relieved to hear that Joe is feeling rested and not trying to overdo. I am hoping that it won't be much of a chore to 'train' the new crew who will be taking over Joe's care this week. Generally, the staff at these facilities are highly competent and mindful that changing from one place to another can be stressful, so they try their best to ease a new patient into his new surroundings. Good luck with everything.

    Today Jim went on the Sunday ride with the group that did the 90 mile ride last Sunday. Today it was a 4-hr ride up into the foothills, so lots of climbing. The gal who leads the ride is Gale Bernhardt, the coach of the U.S. Olympic women's road team so she doesn't let anyone slack--the rides are always fast. They left at 8 a.m., got back at 12 noon, Jim drank a big recovery drink then lay down for a nap.

    Meanwhile, I drove to Ft. Collins, did some shopping (had my 86 y/o mom with me so it was slow going), came home and Jim was still in bed. I admit I peeked in to make sure he was still breathing. It was an almost 4-hr. nap! I don't sleep much longer than that at night.

    NO BABY.

    Love and Hugs,
    Glenna & Jim

  3. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    I'm just about to hit the hay. We spent the weekend down at the family home as our friends are now moving out and we are getting things ready for our new tennant which is a neighbor down the street. Lots of details to take care of so we've been hunkered down.
    It sounds like lots of changes for you and some a bit rough. Hang in there as the progress is all forward eh?
    We have now moved forward into the world of digital tv and watched the Giro a few nights which has been exciting!

    We are thinking about you all the time. Soon you will be on our side of the bay so watch out!! Still figuring out how to sneak Olive and Scooter in!


  4. Hi Joe!

    Thanks Sandy for your daily updates. I am *so pleased* to read about all of the major improvements Joe has accomplished. This makes us very happy.

    Joe, keep up the hard work and I'll check back again.

    I am looking forward to the beer diary any day now.

    --Neeta (Jeff Fillerup's wife)