Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday, May 30: Nightmare in the ward

I arrived at the hospital this morning to learn that Joe had had a horrendous night on the cardiac ICU ward, the details of which he still has to tell us. One factor was that his roommate was going through withdrawals. They got him moved back to his own room in the rehab unit this morning and he slept the rest of the day. I just hope this has not set him back. I believe the pacemaker and surgery went fine but the recovery period was anything but. Hopefully tomorrow he will be up in his power chair and back to normal. 

I told him that out of two months in and out of various rooms and wards, this is really our only bad experience and hopefully the last. Sandy & Joe


  1. So sorry to hear about the night of interrupted sleep, especially at a time when Joe's body was stressed. A couple of days of good rest should offset the sleepless night, though. There is something to be said for private rooms--although I don't think private ICU rooms are common.

    We're just home from celebrating H.S. graduations. Good to see several old friends from the neighborhood, some who'd moved out of state then back to Loveland, others who've moved to other areas of town.

    The baby is still hibernating in her cave. Megan went to a wedding this afternoon--I hope she dances a lot and shakes the baby loose.

    Keep chillin'.

    Glenna and Jim

  2. Ugh. That sounds just awful for you, Joe. I hope your did get a good rest during the day.

    Scott and I rode the tandem about 20 miles to our son Derek's today in order to watch a T-ball game of our grandsons. They are 5 and 3 years old and play on the same team. They each got "monster" hits and ran the bases well!

    Sandy, you would not have liked the city traffic we experienced in order to get there and home again.

  3. Sandy, Hope that today and tonite things will be better. Good luck with the recovery from the surgery and pace maker installation. When you are in Vallejo, I hope to come ovr and visit with you. Carole N.

  4. JOe,As Sandy noted, that this is the first disrupted night you have experienced is the odd statistic.  Administratively and professionally, from all accounts, you have received the best from all quarters.  That promises to continue given the track record.As all of us know, you have probably already refocussed, are back in your power chair, and ready to resume your rehab schedule.  Glad to learn that you are working hard on the bike and we are looking forward to getting the next report.Some family news:  Andy, Maria, the twins, and Evelyn, leave Parris Island this week for an extended visit to Maria's family in Sweden.  Meanwhile, their household goods are being shipped to San Diego where they have purchased a house.  Andy gets there in early July; Maria and children will arrive a week or two later.
    Stephen is immersed in the Nevada state legislative session, drafting, editing, and polishing bills.  This has been an explosive session as the governor has just vetoed the budget passed by the legislature.  Don't know if legislature has power to override vetoes, but it probably does.  Also, don't know if it will.  Could mean that it will remain in session until they hammer something out that the governor will sign.
    Susan is training for the USMC marathon in October.  She did a 6.5 mile run yesterday, right on schedule with the prescribed training regime registrants receive.
    And, Linda and I as of today are officially retired.  Had a great run at YCP and we are ready to begin some new adventures.Long-winded today, but wanted to get you up-to-date.  Stay strong and remember that we are thinking of you constantly.Linda and Phil

  5. Dear Joe & Sandy-

    We were so happy to see Joe sitting up today and talking. You are so fortunate to have a devoted wife by your side. You have been an inspiration to many people and I know that your positive attitude will be a great asset in your recovery. We are thinking of you everyday and you are both in our prayers.

    When Paul's son had dropped out of college, you were the person who encouraged him by saying that he was " in the 4th corner and that the finish line was in sight". We never know when the right word at the right time can make a difference in another person's life but you are always there to offer encouragement.

    Please remember that everyone loves you and wants to offer you encouragement.

    We will see you in Vallejo in a few weeks.
    I will find out where Sandy can ride her bike up there and send her a message in the next few days.

    Your friends always,

    Paul and Lulu