Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday, Jun 8: 180 degree change in attitude

That is my attitude. We have had some real gifts from the universe/gods/whatever today.  Some times I am overwhelmed with sadness and then with the gifts that people give me, whether it is helping with finding home care providers, clipping and taking care of my yard, or a neighbor whose son has ALS and has offered to bring Joe home in his ADA equipped van.  Also, gifts of massage, etc. When something like this happens it is horrible, but it also allows others to take such good care of you.  Joe said he never realized how much people cared about him. 

To review our day, it started with OT and hand therapy which will include operating a computer, power chair and all those other things we take for granted. He now has spider man gloves to help him get his range of motion in his fingers. Only a picture will describe this. Then we move on to speech class with orange flavored tongue depressors (yum) and finally before lunch we have gait class. This entails strapping Joe to a table and slowly bringing him to a standing position. At this point we are at 40 degrees before the blood pressure drops. In the afternoon he has 1 hr of PT to practice sitting without falling over. I will be taking pictures over the next few days so you can see Joe in action surrounded by all these beautiful woman. I am also hoping to purchase a voice activated cell phone with blue tooth so he is more independent on the phone. That is it for now. Again, your support is the greatest gift to both of us. Love Sandy & Joe

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  1. Hi Joe and Sandy
    That is such encouraging news. Sounds like when I get back
    from my annual voyage to SE Asia I will be able to come and see all of you. Do tell us when it is okay to visit?
    I have two days of school left and now it is clean and pack for the summer and hope some kids decide to stay home so I have less teaching and more organizing.
    Went to the "new" Berkeley Bowl today, Joe will need his chair since the produce section is almost a block long though the parking lot is able to handle a lot more cars