Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday, June 7: A Quiet Sunday with Visitors

Joe and I had a nice quiet day which helped to restore us both.  Joe was able to watch some of a track meet from Oregon, get caught up on the California muni market, and visit with several friends. Hopefully next Sunday, we can bring our dog Shasta for a short visit. 

Monday will start out at 9:30 am and go until about 3:30 pm. He really likes all of his therapists and is getting to know a few more of the patients. No more "kicking ass" encounters, thank goodness.  Hopefully, this week will be calm and productive. Sandy & Joe

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  1. Joe....I hope you checked out your "Rival" before you challenged him to "kick his ass". As we mature, it is a good idea to be selective with our know..pick your spot. Seriously, I look forward to getting there to see your progress and I know it will be significant.
    Keep up the good work..lots of folks out here rooting for you.
    Ed T. and Trudy