Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words!!

On the left Joe is in his sling getting transported from the chair to the table. On the R arms exercises w/PT & Dory (right) 

Here Joe is sitting on edge of table with support moving arms front to back. 


  1. Hi Joe & Sandy,
    So great to see these pictures of Joe in action.

    Joe, the look of concentration and focus on your face is one I have noted before. Once when Muzzy and I were at your house you got on your computer to show us some of the things you did for work. It was completely Greek to me but I watched your face and a light went on for me when I realized you completely understood that stuff! Then you showed us all those paper tracking charts and the history of all that you had been tracking. I could see you were totally in your element and every number meant something and was part of a trend one way or another. Anyway, I just remember seeing you in profile, focused on that computer screen with a look of both understanding and excitement in your eye. It stuck with me and I learned something about you that day. I know that same focus will help you now and I can see it in these pictures.

    It's wonderful to see you hard at work. I know you'd rather just kick back, laugh and crack open a beer but I know you are up for the task at hand.

    Keep it up and we LOVE the pictures!!!!


  2. Joe and Sandy,
    Thanks for the photos. It was great seeing pictures of Joe and knowing that he is surrounded by people committed to seeing him regain his strength.

    Press on, Joe. We are with you all the way.

    Linda and Phil