Sunday, June 14, 2009

Joe Sandy & Shasta

Shasta didn't know what part of Joe's set up to grab first. The hankie on his chest looked like the best bet but the sheep skin arm rests looked pretty good also.


  1. Hi! What a treat to finally see Sandy and Shasta, since you have been just names to me until now. I'm a photo person so I've loved the pics you've posted recently.

    I have sent to Joe's email 4 pics taken at 2007 Nats in T-town. They are pics of the medals ceremony for the team sprint event.

    Food and visitors! Things are looking up, for sure.

    Glenna & Jim

  2. Shasta knows a good thing when she sees it and I bet she's so happy to visit her Dad.
    Joe, David and I are thinking of you every day, will visit you soon and I will look out for Sandy as well. She won't tell me what she loves to eat or drink so maybe you can!