Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, June 14: A Busy Sunday

Joe had a busy Sunday with lots of visitors. His friends Carol and Marty got there early followed by nephew Dan and Jen with her sister. Time out for lunch and a little rest and then Pete and Narda showed up to give us the latest on the Satley Time Trial. A little later here came the fuzzy hair ball Shasta. She didn't know what to think of everyone and everything. Joe was just one of the many distractions. We did get her to chew on his foam arm pads a little  just as a reminder of her visit. A big thanks to MaryBeth and Dale for bringing her over. Hope Joe will rest up tonight as we begin our training tomorrow bright and early. I will let MB post a couple of Shasta pictures when she has time. Love Sandy & Joe

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  1. Hi Joe, Sandy, & Shasta - great picture of the three of you.

    Joe, you are looking better each day. Linda and I are looking forward to our visit in July. Details to follow.

    Meanwhile, continue getting stronger and we will follow your progress through Sandy's blogs.

    Linda and Phil