Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, June 15: Same Routine

Joe's routine has gotten established and he now knows almost all the therapists, where they are from and if they speak a foreign language. He loves different languages. I will begin to post just every few days or when something significant happens (hopefully only good news). I will try and post pictures periodically as well. We are going to have a team meeting on Thursday and establish our plan for the next phase. Stay tuned. It is so hard to have time to make any calls, I am afraid we will have to wait until things slow down. We appreciate all your emails and comments. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. How nice that things have evened out enough so that Sandy can take little periodic breaks from posting. You've been a good soldier, Sandy, to so diligently keep everyone informed.

    Today we had a tornado on the ground 10 mi. from our house. This isn't tornado alley---it's northern Colorado, for goodness sake! We've been here almost 36 yrs and last yr was the first time there has been a tornado around Loveland. And, now, again today. Weather has gone goofy everywhere.

    Enjoy some time to yourself. We all love getting the news of Joe, but with things pretty much stabilized, we can manage a few days without and update. Hi to Joe. I know the staff must love you--you are probably THE perfect patient.

    Glenna & Jim Murdock

  2. Sandy, thanks so much for keeping us all up-to-date. Let Joe know that Masters Track Nationals were just announced for Colorado Springs! So now he's got another goal to shoot for. ;-)
    Yeah, the weather here was been pretty unusual, but its settled down for now and track racing has begun in earnest.
    Blessings to you both.