Thursday, June 25, 2009

He is a FINE MAN

Here is Joe's new look, sans collar, trach and beard. We are continuing to work on our move home and looking forward to the day. We anticipate several visitors again this weekend and are looking forward to it.  Of course, Joe has the nurses wrapped around his little finger and they are promising to bring in some good Filipino food tomorrow. Joe has put in his request.  Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Handsome mug, Joe. Fabulous to see the new you. Miss you. Love, Nan

  2. Hi Joe,
    Love the new look! Bob has been looking into Dragon, it's all positive, and will be in touch soon:)

  3. Whew! That's better. I thought you were going all una-bomber on us. And not very aero either.

    Keep smilin'.

    B. Wally

  4. Now...JOE you are really ready to roll. When I return in July you will be on that "mobile and hotile" mode.
    Keep up the great work...Sandy YOU are a STAR !
    Ed T.

  5. Hi Joe,
    Great to see you doing so well. I'll swing by today (Saturday) after the race in Benicia. Brian

  6. Greetings from Budapest, Hungary. We arrived on June 27, where on this date in 1989 the iron curtain was lifted and the barbed wire was cut allowing people to travel to Austria and signalling the end of the Communist control.We are staying next to the Opera where there are presidents and dignitaries here for many different countries and we had to get a plain-clothes police escort to get past the police baracades to our hotel! Also the Danube River has flooded and 10 people have died in the Czech Republic this week. We live in interesting times. Hope you are feeling better. I like your new look sans the collar!