Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, First Cup of Peets

Joe wanted me to let you know he had his first cup of Peet's decaf this afternoon. It was great he said. His neck seems to be relatively strong and he is holding his head up with little difficulty. We continue to learn all of the exercises and stretches we will need at home. Joe is also looking forward to catching up on the racing scene with Bobby Lea and Roman from Team Ouch who are visiting him tonight in between their training rides and races this weekend. Nothing like hearing all the strategies from inside the pack. That should send his heart racing. That's it for now. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Ah, glad you were able to enjoy a well deserved cup of Peet's!

    Have fun talking with Roman and Bobby.

    We'll miss you at the AVC this weekend.

    I'll be sure to cc: you on my race report!

  2. Wish I'd seen this earlier so you could give a message to Bobby Lea for me. I love Bobby. Had a fun week with him and Sheldon Bole in Blaine when Bobby was 15 or 16. The 2 of them quickly became Jim's new heroes because of their track skills. They were staying with a family who lived about 5 mi from the track and they were left to ride their track bikes back and forth, in the dark. The mother in me was mortified. The dorms were filled but my friend Greg Weddle was working for USA Cycling at the time and had a room to himself that had 4 beds in it and he agreed to let them move in with him. Gave me a lot of peace of mind.

    Hope Joe had a great visit with the guys!


  3. I was reading some of the comments from the past couple weeks and saw that Joe is learning to use Dragon. I'd never heard of it until a week or so ago when a friend, who is an ophthalmologist, told me about it. He likes it because it is faster and more accurate than typing his medical notes himself.

    But he pointed out that there can be glitches and below I have pasted in a funny one he emailed to me.

    It is phonetic recognition, and the mistakes it makes are usually phonetically similar. My favorite example of a phonetic error is a letter I wrote to a fellow physician about a diabetic lady I was seeing periodically. I ended the letter saying, "She needs to return in 2 months so she can again be dilated." It printed out, "so she can again be violated."

    So, Joe, be sure to proofread carefully. :)


  4. Mmmmmmmmm! A cup of Peet's! Joe that is a huge step. I know you impressed Sandy when you first met by inviting her for coffee and then grinding beans fresh for each cup. I remember that story. You passed her test!

    So glad you can partake of one of life's great pleasures again.


  5. mb beat me to it...


    Too funny.

    I forget. When was Sandy working at Peet's? Was Joe hangin at Solano Ave. then?? Hmmmm??

    And what's with the decaf? Any port in a storm, eh Joe?

    B. Wally