Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Visitors

Judy and Dave come down from Sacramento

Some of the goodies consumed over the weekend. Yum Yum
Ann & David, Holly, Claire and Beany visited on Saturday
Krisitn and Wyatt came calling on Sunday


  1. Hey Joe,
    We're back from our travels and seeing these posts for the first time in ten days.

    You have transformed yourself in the days we were away. You look terrific and ready for the next rehab phase.

    We'll be out there in less than a month. See you then.

    Linda and Phil

  2. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    Glad to see Joe is getting right down to business with some good chocolate. No point in going for the crummy stuff!

    Joe you look great!

    After getting the new tenants signed up and settled in the homestead Muzzy and I drove down to the track to watch some of the racing. Very exciting and we had fun drinking the free beer and eating hot dogs. The racing looked fast!

    We had a hot ride yesterday out to Danville. I guess the combo of heat and lack of fitness (and maybe too much beer) put me over the brink and after going up Happy Valley on the way home I became not so happy and had to do a u-turn and get on Bart. You could say I cleared the seats around me. I was bright red, and drenched. Made it back to Rockridge where there was a pleasant breeze. With my natural cooling system working then I was able to ride home. Guess I need to work on my heat tolerance.


  3. Free beer?

    MMMMMMM Beer! Is that what it takes to get people to the track? "Get yer beer chips right here. Beer here!" Ah summer.

    Count me in!

    Fixie Pixie