Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday, May 6th

Joe graduated to a "power chair" today.  It is much more comfortable for him and once he is on a portable respiratory, he will be able to leave his room. His first date will be with the x-ray technician who will track his swallowing to determine if he can have some real food. Between the surgery on his neck, the neck brace and arthritis in his neck, swallowing is a challenge right. It looks fine to me, but they want to make sure nothing goes to the wrong place. He continues to have a small amount of pneumonia, so that also affects his breathing. He is getting excellent care and his spirits are good. We just look for small improvements every day. The motor skills are about the same but it is much too earlier to expect any huge changes. He received a special bottle opener today for that first cold beer and a CD of David Sedaris. He also has his favorite Roy Orbison CD to lift his spirits. He loves all of your emails and comments, so thank you again. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Power chair, moon boots, sounds like you are making progress! You two with your positive attitudes and love are making it happen. Love,
    Penny, Gene and Bermuda

  2. Joe,
    Glad to learn about all of these daily improvements. Wonderful that you now have your own "special bottle opener" for that cold beer after your swallowing gets offical clearance. Maybe they will even put you on a "beer ration." Thinking about you everyday.
    Linda and Phil

  3. Hi Joe and Sandy. We are sending healing thoughts to you and want you to know we think about you daily.
    Linda, Erika, Daisy, and our new kitty Levon.

  4. Hi Joe & Sandy,

    I just wanted to let you know that I am following your blog daily and thinking about Joe all of the time. Whenever I think about him, I always picture a huge smile on his face. In fact, I don't think I ever have seen him without one. He has this amazing quality that just makes you want to run up and get a big hug from him. Well, I'd love to send a huge warm hug to you both now. Joe is such an inspiration and tell him I had the same cravings for an ice cold beer when I was pregnant. :)
    Love to you both and hope to see you soon,
    Suzannah Scully (formerly "Saidy")