Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday, May 5 - The Gravel Voice

Joe had an active day today. They began testing his swallowing and couldn't decide if his "gravel voice" was from some water in his lungs or just his Philly accent. They will do an x-ray just to be sure the water is going down his throat.  Then he can have some other nourishment. 
He also got up into a wheel chair for 45 minutes and then had about 30 minutes of stretching. He is really getting spoiled. He had another visit from his cycling buddy, Dory Selinger who is a certified prosthetist and who gave Joe these really cool moon boots to keep his feet pliable and soft.  The nurses and therapists work as a team and are getting to know Joe well. They are doing a great job and I am behind them checking every little thing. He is talking some and so they know exactly what he wants and needs (most of the time).  


  1. Great job Joe....you fooled them with the Phila accent again. I will not be long and you will be asking for a cheesesteak fried onions and peppers. Remember Joe...when you have fully recovered you need to take Sandy on one of those special international trips doing it first class. She has been an ACE ++++ during your comeback time.
    Keep up the great work and Gob Bless
    Ed Rush and Trudy Rush and your Bloomsburg Fan Club

  2. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    So cool to have Dory there helping you out. Trackie helping a trackie! He will definitely understand your needs. With Sandy there you have the complete pit crew in place and it sounds like you are reving your engines.

    I might go flying this weekend with my 16 year old nephew. If so, I'll beg him to do a fly by and I'll drop you a care package, that is if I'm not suffering from motion sickness in which case...oh fergit about it! Anyway, I'll look for you down there and kiss the ground when we land.
    Actually, the scariest part will be having him drive me to the Oakland Airport. Yikes! I guess trust is a good thing eh?

    Muzzy, Olive, Scooter and I are thinking about you every minute and checking your blog daily.

    Yer pal,

  3. Joe and Sandy:

    I can hear the Philly gravel as I type. Glad to read about all the progress.

    Steve & Linda

  4. get the nurses to use beer instead of water and they'll see it go down the right pipe.

    I remember when Dory Selinger was hit. that was a long time ago. I'm glad he's found a way to use that experience positively. I'll bet he knows his stuff.

  5. Hi Joe,
    If you're a baseball fan at all, better to be from Phila than Oakland today. Phillies in first NL East, Oakland in last, AL West. It's gonna be a long season for me. Been to four games, only one of which we won. Poor Ben. He plans to be here in California in September to take in all the baseball he can. He picked a bad year. Or not. Hope springs eternal.

    Sounds like you are making progress at SJV, Joe, with Sandy right behind you pushing and prodding. Hope to see you soon to say hello.

  6. Hi Joe and Sandy:
    Keep on plugging away! We are all rooting for you at the finish line. We hope to see you again at our annual meeting to catch up on taxes and the latest gossip. Take care.
    Ana and Victor

  7. Joe,

    I've been following the blog and your progress sounds great. You're to tough to let this hold you down. Keep it up! We continue to pray for you and Sandy.

    Don, Tracey and the kids

  8. Let's hear it for that Philly accent. You keep it, Joe! Drink some wudder and have some additude. Love ya, Nan