Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday, May 20: Joe on the Go

Joe is a very busy person these days. They now have him chewing frozen 7-Up chips. Not beer yet but we are getting closer. We then move on to stretching and range of motion for 45 minutes. Then it is up in the chair and down to the PT gym for and hour or more of activities. He rode 30 minutes on his assisted bicycle and 15 minutes of arm exercises.  We are usually back in the room by 2:30 or so and maybe we have a little time to read his emails, catch up with the Giro and read the paper. He is off the respiratory for 18 hours now and is talking most of the day.

He is looking forward to a visit with his brother, sister in law and niece over the Memorial Day weekend as well as several friends on Friday.  Joe is slowly adjusting to the accommodations he will need over the coming year.  I am so impressed with his grace and humor under these challenging times.  He really is a champion and you are all his support team. Thank you so much. Sandy & Joe 


  1. Go Joe go.

    Steve & Linda

  2. Joe...Sandy's post is RIGHT are a CHAMPION and always have been. Here you are with a new challenge but like the CHAMPION you are winning. Stay the course.
    I look forward to talking with you.
    Ed Rush

  3. Joe,
    You are looking good. My only concern is that, finally, on the assisted bike ride, I can outride you (50-60 minutes)now.
    That will be a short tenure for me at the top for you are closing in on me quickly.

    Know this. When you get there, I will relinquish my short-lived title joyously.

    Keep it up. Look forward to talking with you.
    And thinking about you always.
    Linda and Phil

  4. Joe you are amazing - already back on the bike! This is good great news indeed. Keep up the good work. Marsha and Howard

  5. Keep pluggng away Joe...have you had Harve design your program?

    Jeff P

  6. Hi Joe,
    Muzzy and I are back from New York. We visited cousins for a few days.
    I stopped by B.O.R.P and checked out their bikes and talked to the guy who runs it. I took some pictures and will send them in an email to your regular address. Very exciting. Basically they have every kind of bike you can imagine and they are really nice. I told them about you and that you are a racer. Anyway, I'll tell you more.

    It sounds like you are progressing!!! We will give you a call okie dokie?

    Olive and Scooter say Yo and want you to keep training so they can hit the road with you!

    mb & MUzzy

  7. Hi Joe and Sandy,

    Checking in on your status from St. Petersburg, Russia and very happy to see that you are progressing.

    Love to you both

    Erika and Linda