Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday, May 21: A Rest Day

Joe took a rest from the gym today. Between increasing his time off the vent and reducing the O2 he is given, he got very tired today so he decided to rest up for tomorrow. By pushing too hard, it is easy to go backward. He is continuing to crunch on the ice chips and enjoy the cool feeling down his throat.  They are hoping to move him to the Kaiser facility in Vallejo sometime next week but as we have seen in the past, these moves have a life of their own. 

We hope to resume our workout schedule tomorrow after a good nights sleep and then visit with family over the weekend. The rest over Memorial Day weekend will do Joe good.  We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday.  Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Hi Joe

    So great to hear the updates and how well you are progressing.

    We are getting ready for another Friday Night race at Hellyer tonight. Tonight's race is a fundraiser for Ashleigh Jackson. She is the Alto Velo racer who was struck by a hit and run driver. She is recovering well, but also has nerve damage issues to deal with. She seems to share your spunk and optimism.

    It should be a fun night with BBQ, music, and of course some great racing. Hopefully someone will have some pics they can share with you.

    Thinking of you,


  2. Howdy Joe and Sandy,

    Glad to hear that you are working a little rest into your busy schedule. You'll enjoy your visit with family more if you aren't all tuckered out.

    We have no big plans for the long weekend. It rained today--and unusual occurrence in our semi-arid climate, but a welcome one. Everything is very green. Maybe things will dry out and we will pack a lunch and picnic in Rocky Mtn. Nat'l Park. Jim loves picnics--me? not so much.

    Jim did intervals yesterday, didn't ride today because of the rain but is thinking of going on a 90-mile ride tomorrow with a small group that does a long ride every Sunday--although usually not 90 miles. The route is a loop that goes south from here, west into the mtns., north through the town of Estes Park, then east down the Big Thompson Canyon back to Loveland. We'll see if he actually does it. He seemed pretty sure at first but has been reminiscing about the last time he did this ride and the memory of the pain may yet be too fresh.

    We are still on baby watch.

    Pulling for you every minute of every day,
    Glenna and Jim

  3. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    Enjoy the rest and quiet. We look forward to hearing from you after the holiday weekend.
    Joe, if you have a chance tomorrow (Monday), catch the NCAA D-I lacrosse championship. Should be a good one: Syracuse v. Cornell (an upstart team.)
    Sandy, if Joe does watch it, please let me know if you can (717-755-6363). I would love to watch it knowing that Joe and I are seeing it together.
    Love from both of us,
    Linda and Phil

  4. Forgot - game begins 1pm Eastern; 10am your time. ESPN, I think, or ESPN2.