Sunday, May 24, 2009

Update from Sandy - Sunday - Continued Good News...

Hi Sandy asked me to post today's update on Joe.

Joe rode his bike 30 minutes and we are seeing more movement each day. He is talking up a storm with his family.

Thanks, Sandy


  1. Joe,
    Thirty minutes on the bike. Great news! It does seem to me that I will be relinquishing my leadership position on the assisted bike much earlier than I anticipated.

    How about marketing this effort, Joe. Just think how healthy this country's people would be if everyone spent 30 minutes a day on the stationary bike or some form of exercise.

    Joe, you are setting a national standard for preventive health care. Press on!

  2. Hey Sand why don't you post a video on YouTube for all of to see Joe?

  3. Great that you are riding, Joe! That is fabulous. Keep up the good work.

    Scott and I just returned from a weekend down the (Jersey) shore. We spent a couple of nights at a B&B in Beach Haven on Long Beach Island. We did the 35 mile loop from one end of the island to the other and back both mornings before breakfast. We beat the traffic and the wind that way. Even though the air was cool and the water PacificOcean-like in its temperature, there were many people on the beach and at least wading. We will return to Long Beach Island in August and then we will both bike and swim.

    Love, Nan