Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday, May 13: The Highs and Lows

Joe and I are going through the emotional highs and lows of his recovery. It finally hit him today that he may be in a wheel chair for sometime to come. He had said to the doctor he wanted to walk by the time he came home. That is not a realistic goal at this point but is a goal for down the road. We always want to believe things will happen sooner than later. The doctor suggested that he concentrate on short term goals and not try and do everything at one time.   On the very positive side of things,  Joe had a trip to the gym and with the help of some arm slings, was able to pull his arms from his sides to in front of his chest. He said "I can't believe I am doing this". He was very pleased.  If we don't get a set back, he may be off the vent by Memorial Day and moving to Vallejo Rehab by the end of May. His brother, sister in law and niece will be visiting over the Memorial Day weekend.  
This is a time he can use personal encouragement and  buddies who he can talk with and possibly vent some of his frustration.  It is so valuable for him  to know people are there for him and willing to listen.  You all are such a support and we thank  you for this.   Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Joe - you can kvetch to me anytime. Eve

  2. Ahem. I have nothing to offer in the realm of persistence and patience. [Is she back again?] Long term anything for me is next week. Realizations of personal limitations can be quite depressing; I'll never beat Muzzy, or, why is there no money in my wallet? Knowhatimean? But I do know someone who has a leg up, so-to-speak, on difficult problems.

    She practices a one-day-at-a-time philosophy. Marvelous long-term results. The goal is always right in front of you, 'cause worrying about next week, next month, next year is, well, a waste of time.

    Easier said than done for sure. But I've seen you do just that sort of thing on the track.

    Tomorrow we wiggle our toes...

    B. Wally

  3. Joe:

    Glad to hear you are continuing with the progress and back in the gym.

    Steve & Linda