Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday, May 12 On the road again

Joe had his first trip out of the room via a portable vent machine and power chair. The OT took us down to the gym and Joe got a glimpse of the work ahead. Unfortunately, his vent was not hooked up correctly so he did not have all the O2 he needed and  he got very tired. Hopefully, that will not put him off future trips.  It is quite an event to get everyone (OT, respiratory and nurses) all on the same page at the same time. I try and be the event coordinator.!! His friend Warren was with us to witness the event. I was very excited even if Joe was pooped.  He is now off the vent for 3 hrs and will probably do 4 hrs. tomorrow. There is some movement in his arms when asked to pull inward. His hands are still pretty numb through. They can also feel the muscles activate in his legs for certain movements. All of this is good news. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful emails as it keeps Joe updated and connected to you. Love Sand Joe and Shasta


  1. Joe....I like it when I hear about you getting your "fanny" into the gym. If anyone knows about reps and concentration it is YOU. Keep up the GREAT work and lastly be patient....I know that the patience part is tough but every day seems to get better. AND JOE...you have a SUPERSTAR wife...she got the part in the wedding vows about "in sickness and in health".
    God Bless
    Ed T.

  2. Hey Joe,

    So glad to hear more good news, your strength of body and character is showing. Sandy - you were at the front of the line when pure awesomeness was being passed out :-)

    It's so good that you have been a highly trained athlete for so long Joe, your body knows how to heal, it's just needing the time and encouragement.

    Thinking of you every day, saw "the troops" on Monday, Brian had just won (another) race, there's no stopping you guys!

    You're great, keep workin'