Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, May 11

We are starting to begin a regular routine of speech therapy, PT for range of motion, and OT for chair sitting time. In between all these people, we fit in respiratory therapy, doctors visits, baths, etc. They are definitely working on all aspects of Joe's recovery. I just hope they don't trip over each other or me. He continues to have more time off the respiratory and is up to 2 hours as of this evening. This will be increased 1 hr each day. They are also increasing his speaking time and hopefully that will lead to some phone calls before too long.  Love Sandy Joe and Shasta


  1. Joe,
    So glad to hear that you are improving every day. One step at a time - keep it up, old buddy. Looking forward to talking with you when you are a little stronger.

    Linda and I are planning a trip to Reno in the summer, mid-late July. Had always planned to visit you and Sandy in Oakland, so will keep you posted about our travel plans.

    Thinking of you always,
    Linda and Phil

  2. Joe and Sandy
    Glad to hear that there is so much attention and activity going on and more "time out" so to speak. It is such a negative with the kids in the classroom but "time out" for Joe is good news...out of the bed, out from respiratory. Mel and I are headed to the southwest for a few days before it gets too hot..if not already. This will be all new to Mel. Hope to have him on a few trails, and I know he will try to get me on the "greens" so we'll see who wins. Will check mail and hope to hear more good news....keep it coming.

  3. Hi Joe and Sandy,

    Gracious! Just hearing about all your activity wears me out. But, obviously, they need to keep all the parts and systems working, so it needs doing and is good for you.

    Jim wants me to clarify that I exaggerated his time on the bike on Sat.---just a little shy of 4 hrs., not 5 1/2. Today was spent doing a lot of outside chores so he didn't ride but plans another long one for tomorrow (Tues).

    Today I did 3 phone interviews with nurses in Cleveland--one at the Cleveland Clinic, another at Ursuline College and the 3rd at Cleveland State U.--for an article I'm writing about the recession's effects on job prospects for new nurse graduates. It felt as though I was on the phone all day.

    We send our love and every good wish for your healing.

    Glenna and Jim

  4. Yippie! So glad Joe is going to be able talk on the phone soon. That means that soon we may hear the familiar,"Bob, Mb, Joe Fineman here. I have a question..."

    I'll never forget laughing so hard as when Joe called and left a message one time which was of a serious nature and he got a little emotional and then admitted that maybe he should have called before he had that second glass of wine.
    We just cracked up at his comment on himself. It was a true Joe comment.

    On another note...
    Joe, I'm seeing some simalarities in your recovery plan and dog training. The idea is to only do what your pooch is capable of at any given time so they can always succeed and be rewarded. If you do too much and they fail sometimes it can set them back and you need to start at ground zero again. This is especially true when asking them to come when called. It sounds like you are moving forward and challenging yourself to improve but at a pace that you can succeed and continue. Not sure where I'm going with this but as a dog lover...I think you are on the right track! I know you will ace the "sit" but frankly, I hope you blow off the "stay".

    Upward, onward!!!

    mb, Olive & Scooter