Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday, May 10: Talking and Breathing

Joe had a good day even if he is not a mother. He was breathing on his own for 1 hour and then visited with his guests for another hour. When he is talking, he is on the vent but with limited air as some is used for vocalizing. Tomorrow will be a busy day as the PT, OT and speech therapist will be doing their thing. Everyone seems to feel better after seeing Joe's smiling face and hearing his voice. His mind is sharp and he is determined to follow all the orders given to him to get better. His attitude is good as long as he sees the littlest progress.  As you all know, he is one strong character and this is proving it. Again, if any of you have race experiences  from the weekend to share with him either email us or send a comment.  Other news is also most welcomed. We love you all. Sandy & Joe


  1. Hi Joe and Sandy!

    It's been nearly a week since I checked in but I've been reading the blog--even all the comments by your friends. Not too much going on around here re: cycling. No races, just training for Jim. Yesterday he rode up into the mtns. Different from his usual route for attacking hills, but with even more climbing--lots and lots and lots of climbing. Door-to-door, he was gone 5 1/2 hours.

    We're still waiting for Megan to pop. Last week the transmission went out on our Honda Odyssey, a $3,900 repair. Ugh! But, at least it was less than the $4,500 we were originally quoted and at least the transmission didn't go out in the mtns. en route to Durango for the birth of the baby. And, we got the van back very quickly--to the dealership one day, back in our garage the next.

    Glad to hear about all of your successes. It's true that you will need to take baby steps. I know that is hard for a competitor like you to take things slowly but I also know that you will follow orders. Those Drs. sure have lots of those, huh? I'm sure you are enjoying your visitors and we are happy you have so many friends near you.

    Love to both of you,
    Glenna & Jim

  2. Dear Joe
    I can't tell you ho absolutely devesated I am about your accident. You have been in my life in so many wonderful ways since I met you when you were in college. You have helped me so much and I am forever grateful. You are so smart and I know so strong that I have all faith that you will come out of this terrible time stronger than ever.
    I have always felt you were a big part of my family and I love you very much.
    PS Geoff just let me know yesterday as I am in the middle of Egypt. (thanks to your wonderful attention to my finances.

  3. Dear Joe,

    We've never spoke, but I was on the track that fateful day. I was the 2nd rider down and escaped with only minor injuries. It took me a while to get back on the track, but I wanted to let you know that I finished 3rd in both C points races last Tuesday night. For that effort, I was awarded with my first prizes ever, free Peets and Clif bars. I heard that you were the one to secure the primes. I'd like to say thanks for that and that I hope that you get well soon.

    Best Regards,

    Ted Vidnovic

    P.S. We Are...

  4. Hi Joe,
    Guess what! Poppy learned how to swim yesterday (accidently) at Muir Beach in Marin. She fell in as she was walking near a fresh water stream that runs to the ocean and then Dale fell in as he was going to rescue her. The sand on the side of the stream wasn't very stable and collapsed as they got close to the edge. The water was only about 3 ft deep and Poppy perfected her doggy paddle. Both Dale and Poppy were fine, though Dale's wallet is still drying out :) I also experimented yesterday with my first ride up Snake from Montclair (after all of these years), it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and traffic was very light. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday! Love MB, Dale and Poppy

  5. Hi Joe and Sandy! We read your blog every day and are thinking of you all the time. I look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks. Big hugs and kisses from Chicago!

    Elyse and the gang