Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday: May 9 and Vital Capacity is at 2.0

We are learning a whole new vocabulary and way of life. Besides  learning that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body (who would have guessed) we have also learned to test our vital capacity. That is the strength of air you  push out of your lungs. Just the kind of challenge Joe likes. A few days ago it was 1.8 and today his personal best was 2.0. He is taken off the vent for periods of 30 mins 2x a day and is comfortable.  He was able to talk for about 30 mins. today and sat in his chair for about an hour. He is expecting several visitors tomorrow, so it should be a full day. Once his talking time gets more comfortable, he will be able to visit on the phone via his head set, but give us time to work up to it.  He would love to say "Hello" to his friends back East who cannot make it out here. Thanks again for your emails. He loves to keep up to date with your activities and racing action so keep them coming. That is the best way for him to know you are thinking of him. Love Sandy Joe and Shasta


  1. Hi Joe , Sandy, and Shasta.
    I know Joe likes the Giro so here is a link that he can watch the race online live everyday: or Joe this is the time of year that I would usually be asking you about the weather for Kern. We have a meterologist on the team, you know her, Beth Welliver. Anyway, we think it will be in the mid 80s next week in Bakersfield.

    For a funny video of our new cat Levon go to my blog:

    Thinking about you and glad to hear of the good news with your air exhalations.
    Linda, Erika, Levon, and Daisy

  2. Joe:
    The latest blog ( memo) reminds me about your always focused competitiveness and your ability to adapt to change. So Joe....keep that air coming and going as I look forward to calling you for Bloomsburg, West Chester, NBA updates. My buddy Dave Libbey was just named the Men's basketball Coordinator for the West Coast Conference which means that I will be coming to games at Santa Clara and USF. I will need a partner for those games...SO GET READY.
    Trudy and I are enjoying spring here in Bloomsburg. Kids and grandkids are good. God Bless. Ed and Trudy Rush