Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday, May 8: It is all in the tongue

OK! for all you jocks, ever heard of tongue exercises. Joe is doing tongue "repeats", kind of like those hill repeats he use to do on Tunnel Road.  This will strengthen the back of his tongue so swallowing the beer will be easier--sets of 10x3. We will be glad to share these  various exercises with you at another time.!! 

He also spent 1 1/2 hr setting in his chair and was off the vent for about 1/2 hr twice today. His lungs sound good according to Dr. B so we are getting the upper hand on the pneumonia. He should also be able to start talking for short periods of time very soon.  Love, Sandy & Joe


  1. it makes me peddle harder when i'm training thinking how much harder you are working, joe

  2. tongue repeats... that's funny! I bet they're not easy, though.

    and I'm glad to hear the pneumonia is getting cleared out. that's got to take energy to fight. I hope you're sleeping well.

  3. I can't help myself. Yesterday it was Patience, today it's tongue repeats.

    Is this what they're calling Intensive Care these days?

    Saw the new/old Star Trek last night. When you're feeling better, we'll do the dinner and a show thing. My treat.

    B. Wally

  4. I can't imagine reading something so serious and here we are laughing about tongue exercies! I will practice with my girlfriend if she agrees of course