Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday, May 14, Dog Days at the Gym

We had a good day today beginning with my neighbor MaryBeth driving me to San Jose. It is great to get the day off from driving. Joe continues to spend more and more time breathing on his own, up to 5 hours today and talking for 2 of those hours. Then off to the gym in his power chair. My challenge will be to drive the chair. I tried for about 3 seconds and that was enough for Joe after we almost hit the wall. He had his first 10 minutes out in the sun and then into the gym for some pect. crunches (at least that is what I call them). As we were leaving the gym,  a companion dog showed up and with the command "feet" the dog put her paws on Joe's feet and gave him a doggie greeting. Then, with the word "treat" the dog ran to her drawer, opened it and brought back a bag of treats and dropped them in Joe's lap and, of course, was given a treat.  Now I will have to train Shasta to do those things. Such a sweet dog and it put a big smile on Joe's face.  We are thinking of all of you and appreciate all your messages of encouragement. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Go Joe,
    Sounds great, you are one tough cookie(macaron?)

  2. Joe....great progress...I would love to give you a call over the weekend. Mike and I took young Tommy to the Phillies /Dodgers game today, He looked great in his Phillies shirt and hat. Not bad for an 19 month old. He just loves to hang out with his Dad.
    We are going to call you the COMEBACK kid...keep going strong.
    God Bless....Ed T.

  3. Hi Joe and Sandy
    I love this blog so as to read these updates. Great to hear you are at the gym these days! Mel and in Sedona..the batte between greens and trails is 1 to 1. I played nine holes one day and he hiked six miles yesterday. Today we drive. So good to hear your good news with progress on all fronts. Until later. Yudel

  4. hmmm, I wonder if they have "L" plates for those chairs like they do in England for learner drivers?

    I LOVE the companion dog! Dogs are the best, I hope you can work with him/her a lot, such a joy.

    My dog, Amber, is like a walking Kleenex box right now. She is shedding her winter undercoat and you pull on a tuft sticking out and another one pops up! When she's had enough she says arrrroourrrrrourrrrr.

    Keep the news coming, I look for it every day.
    Love to both of you, Cynthia

  5. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    Penny and my best wishes and love are with you both. You are an amazing role model for strength and determiation! Penny and Geoff Mulligan