Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday, May 15: Telephone and Shampoo

Well, another good day. We got Joe's head set hooked up to the phone so when he is on his talking vent he is good to go. It is just that someone has to be in the room to answer the phone or dial. He was able to wish his brother "happy birthday", which I think, was a pretty good present.  He was also able to talk to his good friend Jim Young in PA   By the time Ed Rush called he was in the silent mode again and getting ready for the gym  but he listened to Ed via the head piece and nodded enthusiastically.  All of this talking is good for his throat and tongue which needs the exercise.  We will try and place a few more calls back East on Saturday morning, so if you get a call with some heavy breathing  don't be surprised. It is just Joe.  He is up to 3 hours of talking time and up to 5 hours off the vent. We usually go to the gym around 1:30 pm and are back in the room about 3 pm.  Another highlight of his day was getting a REAL shampoo with three rises of warm water. He even wrote up a special commendation for the nurse. Above and beyond the call of duty. Joe knows how to charm them, of course.  Thank you all for your prayers as we are seeing  progress. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. I usually have to pay good money for a phone conversation* with heavy breathing.

    *It's Patience again...She calls me.

    Anyway. You can call anytime. I know you won't ask for my credit card number. Even though I have it memorized.

    B. Wally

  2. Joe and Sandy:
    It was great knowing Joe was on the listening end yesterday to my phone call. We can all be together on making sure that he has plenty of folks to converse with. Keep up the GREAT work Joe and I look forward to our next telephone connection.
    God Bless, Ed Rush