Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday, May 17th and More Chatting on the Phone

Well, given it was a Sunday and light staff, Joe had more opportunity to call some of his friends. I wish you could see his face now that he is able to communicate and "ask just one more question". He is so optimistic and positive.  "I have good doctors and therapists and I am just doing what they tell me". He likes training and this is just another form of training. 
He is off the vent for 12 hours today and talking all day long. He had several visitors and they were thrilled to hear his voice.  Keep the prayers and good wishes coming. He loves you all. Sandy & Joe


  1. Hi Joe and Sandy,

    Such great news to hear that Joe has found his voice. :) And, that he is using it to catch up with his friends.

    Jim just came in from a repeat of the 4 hr. ride he does up in the mtns., except today he did the route in reverse.

    I read to him Sandy's post about your being able to visit by phone and he said, "I hope he doesn't call me today---I can hardly wiggle." :) He said he had a headwind the entire way back and cramps in both inner thighs (I don't know what those muscles are) that caused him to stop and get off the bike a few times. He's still in his lycra, sprawled in a recliner and drinking a big blender container of Endurox w/ soy milk. Yum!! Get me some of that!

    It was fun to read about how excited you've been at being able to speak with your friends and also how excited they are to hear from you. So many people are pulling for you. You have such a wealth of good friends because you are such a good friend.

    We're still waiting on Megan's baby to make her (if tests can be trusted) appearance. Even Megan doesn't want her to arrive earlier than the due date at the end of the month---she still has lots to do to get ready.

    Wishing you every good thing, patience and progress.

    With love,
    The Murdocks

  2. Joe
    Sure was GREAT hearing your voice and that strong reflection of Joe Fineman optimism. Look forward to many catch up conversations.
    Keep up the OUTSTANDING work.

    Ed and Trudy Rush

  3. Sandy,
    Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for these updates. We were away when this occurred, and have been anxious to hear how you and Joe are faring. Please give him our most optimistic THUMBS UP! and know that we are here for you- Shasta walks, meals, driving- just let us know. Hoping for continued progress for Joe.
    Best, Tom Gregory and Meg Roe

  4. Joe,
    I hope your recovery keeps progressing well as Julie and I would love to see you up and walking at the H.P.V. Hang tough and fight the good fight Joe!

    Andrew and Julie Nevitt