Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, May 18: Moving Uptown

It looks like Joe will be moving downstairs perhaps by tomorrow. They would like him closer to the gym so the can work his "you know what" off!! He is so loyal to his nurses and has them wrapped around his finger so he told the doc he didn't want to move. They told him he was too healthy to stay in the unit and they needed his bed so he had to give in. I could have punched him. If you know Joe, he doesn't like change. In this case, I told him that we need change. Onward and upward and he agreed.  He still gets quite tired, but that should get better as he gets stronger.
When we returned from PT today, we were greeted by a huge bouquet of balloons from one of his friends back East. It was quite a sight. 
 I am taking my first day off tomorrow since this began and trust Joe will do well.  You can take this as an indication of his progress as I would never have done this just a week ago.  Love, Sandy & Joe


  1. Hi Joe,
    Great to see you making such good progress!
    I'll get down and give you a visit soon.
    Your friend Brian

  2. Hi Joe,

    It's wonderful to hear you are talking up a storm now.That's a big step,but it took so many little ones to get it.It's got to be so frustrating not knowing what day the big jumps will happen,but they will,they will.

    A big hug to you,Sandy and Shasta.


  3. Good job, Joe! Look at the move downstairs as an opportunity to wow another set of nurses. Before long you will be back home and have "only" Sandy and Sasha to wow! Keep up the good work. Love, Nan

  4. To Everyone: I have what I think is a great idea. How about we have a TEAM JOE? Blue hats with white lettering. Joe does love Penn. I got this idea when I decided that I was going to challenge myself to be walking 15 miles a week within 4 months-directing all the positive energy to Joe & his recovery. This is a big deal but I HATE TO EXERCISE. There are no rules or requirements to be a member of TEAM JOE. Just wear the hat. I will be the hat person. I haven't researched costs yet but I doubt if they'll be very expensive. Pls. let me know if you want to order a hat & I will get the ball rolling.

    Please direct all inquiries to me & not Sandy.

  5. Hi Joe

    My visit to the hopsital is over with and I am busy getting some more songs together for my next visit. Keep doing all the exercises and smiling, and keep the chin strap tight.

    Friend Jeff