Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blew our socks off!

Hey Joe,
Your phone call last night knocked our socks off! So sorry we weren't home to actually talk with you.

Your voice was clear, strong, and confident in spite of the ordeal that you have been through these many weeks. Linda told Susan that there was nothing in your voice that gave a hint of that. We are so excited and pleased for you and Sandy.

We especially look forward to talking with you soon. Alas, we will be gone most of this afternoon, our time, but should be back by 7pm. If you are up to it and it is convenient, try us again. Otherwise, get your rest, conserve your strength, and get even stronger. Joe, my joy for you is so great that I am tearing up just writing this. You are incredible.

Thinking of you always,
Linda and Phil

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