Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday. Oxygen is the name of the game

OK! Joe had a temporary pacemaker put in last night and he had a good night. They are still concerned about the O2 levels in his blood so we are going with a different respirator. Once his oxygen levels are good, he will receive a permanent pacemaker and they will be able to move him around more. We will be here the rest of the week but he is preferring to sleep so visitors at least for tonight and tomorrow should probably hold off. I am limiting my time as well, so he will sleep. It is best to check with me before hand so I can give you an idea. There is so much going on in his little area that it is hard to find any room. There are machines upon machines that do things I never imagined. We are so grateful that he is in such a good hospital. He is also at risk for lung infection so they are watching that closely. Again, thank you for your support. Sandy 


  1. Hey Joe, You're in our thoughts and prayers for a full recovery! Your cousins from Gun Barrel City, Texas
    Deb n Jeff

  2. Hi Joe - Misty wants you to know that she is wishing Shasta's father easy breathing. Eve

  3. Dear Sandy and Joe, I'm so comforted to know that you have every confidence in the health care being provided. I'm praying for you both for strength. Love, Carol and Bella

  4. Dear Sandy and Joe, I am so happy to hear about the little steps towards recovery Joe is making. All of these will soon add up to a giant step. Both of you continue to be in our prayers. Marsha and Howard

  5. Joe and Sandy, I think of both of you every day and send my thoughts and prayers for healing and recovery. I'm imagining all those nerves getting plugged back into all the muscle fibers where they belong. Love, Cynthia

  6. Dear Joe and Sandy,
    Dale and I are sending you our good thoughts. We feel confident in the excellent care that Joe is getting and the step by step improvement. We send our love and good wishes.
    Dale and Roswitha