Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday update

Friends: Joe is receiving a temporary pacemaker today and a permanent one on Wed. (we believe) This will make his heart more regular and therefore his breathing. His spirits are good and he is positive. Things move at "hospital" time as there are many other emergencies and we have to wait our turn. There were at least two Code 4 in ER within a 1/2 hr last night. On a brighter note, Bonnie and I are learning tai chi from a lovely Vietnamese woman who practices in the courtyard of the ICU area. She is fantastic.  I wish I had more to report but patience is the word. Again, thank you all for your prayers and support. Sandy 


  1. Hi Joe: This is coming from Gilford, NH..from Mary Beth's parents wishing you a very speedy recovery..we're praying for you many times throughout the day..everytime we think of you, which is very often..Sending our best wishes to you and Sandy.
    Bev and Ray Provencal

  2. Joe: I've been thinking of you everyday. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We've known each other a long time and you've been one of my greatest inspirations. I want to thank you for inspiring my son Brian, also. We are praying for a full recovery.
    Your friend always,

  3. thanks for keeping these updates coming....even though we don't always comment, lots and lots of Joe's racing friends are checking this site regularly to hear how Joe is doing as we are thinking about him all the time and holding him in our hearts

    soni poulsen

  4. Hey, Joe. Keep on fighting, you old salty dog!
    We have many more laps yet to make on Hellyer! Kyle and I have you in our prayers and thoughts. I'm not gonna ride the track again until you get better, so you better get better soon! Never a bad word, always positive, always a smile. Wanna see you up and around soon!

  5. Hi Joe,

    We are with you, each step of the way to recovery. Keep up your spirits as you make your way back to Oakland.

    Yudel and Mel

  6. Joe and Sandy, these updates are so important, thank you! Mary Beth many thanks to you, too!Wonderful visit with Kurt today, a dear young man, indeed. Joe, we are all pulling for you and so admire your spirit and toughness. Sandy, the tai chi sounds perfect, a way to clear your mind and exercise your body. Much love, Penny, Gene and Bermuda

  7. You are in our hearts daily Joe.I'm glad to hear they are giving you a pace maker.Think of it as a derny moto-pacer keeping you at a steady pace.Hospital time...I remember it well.Good thing Sandy is there to be your advocate.

    Chat soon.

  8. Brent, Misty and I can't wait to see you. Misty in her new and slower style is rooting for your recovery and understands how the simplist things can seem like climbing a mountain or 3 flights of stairs in her case. All our love and affection. B,E and M

  9. Shasta and the Tierney family send our love!:) We give Shasta lots of daily hugs and kisses from her "mom" and "dad". We are all praying for you Joe! We are honored to take of Shasta- she's doing really well and getting daily walks with Don and her canine friends!


    Linda, Don, Hannah, Michaela, Newman and Shasta