Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday, planning ahead

We had a quiet day today making plans to move forward. Joe's temperature seems to be lower and his breathing seems to be stronger. So, keep sending us all your breathe. IF, these stay stable they will give him a neck breathing tube and feeding tube so we can get all this "stuff" out of his mouth and he will be able to mouth words rather than playing "20 questions". We have developed a great method of spelling  out words and the trauma nurse was very impressed. In fact she presented the method in her case meeting today.  If Joe is stable over the weekend we may get the permanent pacemaker on Monday. Patience, patience, patience.  Once they are able to assess his swallowing, they can remove the feeding tube but better safe than sorry.  Joe is awake and positive so we have to be positive as well. He is given a sedative at night to sleep so it is hard to visit then but I am hopeful we will be stronger over the weekend and that would be a good time. I will keep you posted. Remember only two can come in at once. Your support is so important and I keep telling him of your emails and posts.  


  1. carol.fineman@gmail.comApril 15, 2009 at 5:35 PM

    Dear Sandy and Joe,

    Thank you for the details. It helps to know that Joe is sleeping at night. Rest is healing. I'm praying for continued strength for his body and a sustained positive attitude. May all the medicine do what it is meant to do and may all the machines function perfectly. May love continue to surround him and you as well Sandy. Love carol and bella

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  3. Lower temperature- The docs have to be happy with that.Stronger breathing-that is wonderful too,but we need to get Joe's blood gas numbers higher.I'm praying for that.

    Great to hear the two of you are impressing the staff with a creative way of spelling out words.You have to tell what it is one of these days.

    Keep the faith.


  4. Joe and Sandy,Press on.  We are breathing as hard as we can for you back here, and we have plenty to spare.  Consider it on the way with more to follow.  We are thinking about you every day.Linda and Phil

  5. Joe, Sandy, keep up your courage! Your Philly friends are pulling for you, Joe. We think of you a lot.
    Nan and Scott

  6. Joe, we talk about you on our rides and about how tenacious and determined and dogged you are, and we know if anyone can get through something like this, you can. You have a long, steep hill ahead, but you can do it... the peloton is with you!

    Mark & Barb

  7. Hi Joe,

    Lorraine and I were so sad to hear of your accident. We have been following your progress every day and you are in our thoughts. It took us awhile to figure out how to post to the blog, but I hope it works now. Take care.

  8. Hi Joe & Sandy,

    We're thinking of you both daily. Thanks for the regular updates, Sandy.

    We hope to come visit as soon as it's good for Joe.

    Take care.

    Erika & Linda

  9. Dear Joe and Sandy,

    Dale and I are holding you both close in our hearts and praying for Joe's recovery and strength for you. Every time we walk by your house (many times a day) Poppy pulls up to your front door and taps her nose on the screen. We are all looking forward to your return home.
    MB & Dale

  10. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    Hello from the Wednesday riders, and Grizzly Peak Cyclists. We miss you and send our love and affection to you. Here is a little Japanese Haiku poem for you.

    Fingers (Senryu)
    by Laurence Overmire

    Quiet like a dream
    fingers sliding down my back
    a soft breath exhales


  11. Sandy, I loved the story about your communication process with Joe. I'm not surprised the nurse wants to adopt it. If there is anyone who will come through this, it's Joe. He's such a fighter!!! Let him know he's in our thoughts everyday here in Southern California. Brian, Randy, Sarah, and Claire Cohen