Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tues, 28th Maybe Tomorrow

Well, once again we hope moving day will be tomorrow and that he will be going to Valley Medical Center of Santa Clara near Campbell. In reading their website, you will see that they are specialists in dealing with Joe's injury which makes us feel very confident. We are ready to "kick butt" so to speak. The first job will be to get off the ventilator but also at the same time keep up the physical therapy. I don't know how long he will be here but I know he can not go to Kaiser Vallejo rehab until he is off the vent.  All of the nurse came in to say good by and to be sure and come back when he is better. The staff at Regional has been great. I can't say enough about them. 

Joe's mind is sharp and when I arrive each morning, he is ready with his list of things he wants and needs, whether it is a market quote or sports information. Once he is established at VMC, I know he would like visitors and we will get a schedule of visiting hours, etc. You can also check out their website and get some info as well.  You are all very important in his recovery and a factor in keeping his spirits high. We couldn't do this without all of your support and caring. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. market information?? didn't that guy retire?! but I guess once a trader, always a trader.

  2. Three days this week it was 90 degrees. Today is 60 and raining. Tomorrow morning 45 degrees. Crazy Philadelphia weather. Scott and I used to leave our house on Kingston Ave many mornings go up Moraga through Montclair and down to Lakeshore and home. It was a hilly 8 mile loop. We are developing a similar morning loop here through Fairmount Park that avoids the commute traffic. Wish us well.

    Looks like the pro bike race will garner enough supporters to happen after all. City said it can not support events like the bike race without private support (they said the same to the Mummers Parade at New Years). Anyway, the race organizers are a bit short of sponsorships and the race is only 6 weeks away. Rumor says they have found that last sponsor and the announcement will be today. We might have the annual Manayunk Wall climb after all. Stay tuned.

    And will will stay tuned on your progress.

    Love, Nan and Scott

  3. Nan: Joe enjoys your comments. He loves to hear about Philly even if he wonders why you live there. Ha. Sandy

  4. Dear Joe,

    Dale and I are looking forward to visiting you and providing the dog update for the neighborhood! The following update should hold you over for a little while :) Shasta and Poppy are becoming great friends, they wrestle with each other for at least 20 - 30 mins a day. Shasta is really standing up for herself and not letting Poppy get away with anything! Holly has become a pro- dog walker and has mastered spotting the pine cone before Shasta; that way Holly doesn't have to pull the pine cone out of Shasta's mouth (it's usually wet and icky). There is a new puppy in the neighborhood, Maggie, wh0 is 1.5 years old and weighs 90+ pounds, she's a small great dane. Maggie is Gretchen's new dog and Gretchen is madly in love with her. She was a surpise for Gretchen and arrived last Friday afternoon, after Chuck and Kristen rescued her from the Sacramento area.

    Looking forward to visiting with you soon!

    Love MB and Dale

  5. Thank you for the updates, Sandy! I read them every day. Once Joe is settled, we can talk about a visit (just me - no chicklets). See you soon! Elyse

  6. Sandy, Joe,
    We look at these updates every day, and am now attepting to use this method to send you our concern and good wishes for both of you.
    I did get Sandy's telephone message.
    We will be moving to the Florida house in July (I will retire from full-time work then, too).

  7. Yussel, we'll miss you at tonight's Jock & Dine dinner at Outabck for hobbling & wanna be jocks. Rat & Beckett can't come so it's me Jo Jo & a few other losers. We'll count you in when we split the bill so you'll feel a part of our get together. I am happy you're improving daily & want it to continue so "easy does it," bro. I'll be checking in daily so just be a GOOD boy & not a PIA. Love to Sandy.


  8. Sandy and Joe: Met Don and Shasta yesterday while resting @Sibley parking lot. Don asked if I knew Joe, probably because I had on my biking outfit. We had a nice conversation about dogs and cats. You are in my thoughts everyday. Please let me know how I can help in any way. Marion Mills

  9. That is super news. Hope I get the chance to visit, just tell us when and I will be there