Monday, April 27, 2009

The Non Moving Day

Of course we didn't move today. Who would be so foolish as to think these things happen on schedule. It seems to be a consideration between respiratory therapy and physical therapy. Hopefully they get him to a hospital that does both. Like I said. Stay tuned. I know he would like company but I just can't say where he will be. You can always call SJ Regional Medical Center and see if he is there, or wait for my posts.  Joe was in good spirits. He was able to talk to his neurosurgeon who was again encouraging. He said it takes up to one year for the nerves to repair so don't get discouraged. Joe also stated that he didn't think he would race his bike again and they agreed. 
The main hurdle now is getting over the pneumonia  so he has the strength to improve his breathing, get off the vent and begin a more active physical therapy.  He knows you are all behind him and I read him your cards every day.  Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Not moving yesterday means hope for today. Maybe today is the day. I hope wherever you go, Joe, it means improved opportunities for you and more comfort and ease for Sandy. Home is coming - although patience is required.

    It is way hot here. I know you would be watching the weather in Philly, Joe, if you could. 90 degrees today, yesterday, and Sunday. Phew! I had a freek thing happen on Sunday. We were out in Paoli (25 miles out) at the Wawa and my helmet was on the tandem and the tandem fell on it in such a way to crush the helmet. Needed a new helmet in the middle of that ride. Weird.

    Love you both and Shasta too, Nan

  2. OK Joe...time to "kick butt" and move to the next phase of FULL recovery. I was in Staples Center last night to see your man Kobe push the Lakers to round 2. I know the Warriors do not participate in the playoffs but I wanted to remind you of the famous "Wilt Story" when you were guests of the mine at Suns/Lakers playoff just a few years ago.
    ALl RIGHT Joe, keep the focus and keep those nurses and rehab experts on their toes.
    God Bless, Ed Rush

  3. I had to laugh at your "agreement" not to get on the bike too soon.

    Okay, maybe not today, but perhaps tomorrow.

    That can be your mantra for the foreseeable future.

    There's nothing wrong with a bit of denial.

    Yours in recovery.

    B. Wally

  4. Joe, you might not race the bike that's sitting at home right now, but I bet there are other newfangled contraptions you can look at. you aren't losing a bike, you're gaining a wheel.