Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday and Thinking of Fruit Salad

They have changed a few ingredients around Joe's care, so he seemed to have more energy today. They are also working with his trach to allow him to speak for a while. This is the first step in getting him off the trach all together. His food fantasy has been a gourmet fruit salad and when he heard the nurses talking about making one last night, he was all excited until they mentioned how easy it was to fix as all they had to do was open the cans. So much for his "gourmet fruit" salad with strawberries. 
The word is that he will be moved somewhere tomorrow but uncertain of the location. It may be Oakland but it might also be another location in San Jose. As I said before, stay tuned. Once he is situated, he should be able to have more visitors, especially now that he can talk a little.  Sandy & Joe


  1. Oh, the strawberries are a comin' in good now! And will only get better and sweeter! Just like my man Joe! I'll bring the berries if Joe gets better! I hope you guys do get back to Oakland soon but not before we S Valley folks get to tell him in person how much we all miss him and want him to get better!
    And now on to Monday...just think about sweet berries! (I originally typed "beeries" - must have been a Freudlian slip!!)

  2. Looks like joe will just in time for those fruit salads, We are looking forward to seeing him sometime soon, sounds like his recovery is moving along
    I am thinking about you JOE